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Our Services

Resume Writing

What makes our resume service special? We provide a focused, content-driven service from a professional writer with years of experience in the field.

  • Content Driven Writing: We demonstrate your value as a professional with hard, concrete facts – not fluffy adjectives. Get a resume written in a “show, don’t tell” style.

  • Build a Brand: Our team specializes in building a cohesive message on who you are and why you’re special – we treat your resume like the marketing document it is.

  • A Dedicated Writer: Your document is written by a full-time copywriter and career services professional with 4+ years composing professional resumes.

  • A Personal Touch: You’ll have full access by phone and email through the entire process – no impersonal service churned out on a conveyor belt. Just communication and collaboration.   

  • Flexible Service: pick your writer and the exact type of service you want. Quick and affordable reformatting, comprehensive phone consultations, extensive factfinding, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and a whole suite of other options.

  • Affordability: Our streamlined, efficient services mean that you’re getting the most competitive rate in the field. We tailor our services to your budget. A great resume is never out of your price range!

  • Coaching Support: Packages include a complimentary consultation with a professional, certified career coach. We’ll give you the tools and knowledge to use your resume and enter the job hunt with the ground running.

  • ATS Optimization: We ensure that your resume will pass automated systems with flying colors so that your resume will get in the right hands fast.

Career Coaching

What makes our coaching special? We provided a streamlined, comprehensive service from a Coach with years of experience in HR. Don't just get a few coaching sessions - get a job hunt partner.

  • In-Depth Analysis: We use a comprehensive questionnaire and a detailed analysis to get a clear picture of your strengths, goals, and needs. We tailor your strategy to who you are. 

  • Build a Brand: We'll develop your elevator pitch and central message. Before you hit the job search, we'll teach you how to talk about yourself.

  • HR Insights: Our Resident Career Coach has years of experience and education in human resources and staffing. They bring special insight into what companies look for and their decision-making process - because he's personally led the hiring process. 

  • A Partnership: Your coach isn't just a few sessions - they're a professional relationship for the rest of your career, providing you with expertise and support whenever you need it.  

  • Flexible Service: Our coaching packages are flexible and can be tailored down to the minute detail. Only pay for the services you need. 

  • Affordability: Our streamlined, efficient services mean that you’re getting the most competitive rate in the field. Great coaching is never out of your budget. 

  • Integrated Resume Writing: As you work with your career coach, a dedicated writer can overhaul your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile as you work together. Get a total job hunt package with no extra hassle. 

All JobHunters services can be paid for with PayPal, Venmo, and other methods provided by your coach or writer. 


Payment terms, refund policy, and pricing are according to the terms of your independent coach or writer.  

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